Music Genres That Your Party Guests Will Love

Party guests…

There is no formal way to “set off” your next function but in case you’re clueless as to what they want to hear, allow us to help…

There are a variety of musical genres that will entertain party-goers during your next event. The nature and tastes of your attendees will determine the type of musical selections you will decide upon. Below, we will outline the genres of music that will make your next party a hit.


Rock and Roll originated in the 1950s.

Originated back in the 1950s, Rock and Roll is a form of American music that encompasses various subgenres. This form of music originally contained piano and guitar-backed rhythms. Early rock musicians included the likes of Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Elvis Presley. Later acts included the musical stylings of groups like Metallica, Guns and Roses, Nirvana, etc. 


Jazz is an American-born music originated by African Americans.

Jazz music is an America-born music originated by the African-American residents of New Orleans. Primarily structured around horns and woodwind instruments, jazz was the American spin on West African and European classical music. Early artists included the likes of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Cab Calloway. Modern jazz musicians include the likes of Max Roach, Herbie Hancock, and George Benson. 

Rhythm and Blues (R&B)

R&B originated in the 1940s within the African American community.

Rhythm and Blues (R&B) is a form of American music that originated in the 1940s within the African-American community. This music was focused on soulful vocalists. There are a number of subgenres that fall under this category. Early R&B artists include the likes of Fats Domino, Etta James, and Jackie Wilson. Modern artists include artists like Usher Raymond, Mary J. Blige, and John Legend.


Originated in the 1920s, country music stemmed from American Western and folk music.

Country music is a genre of American music that stemmed from American western and folk music. Originated in the 1920s, this string-based music was initially popularized by artists like Jimmie Rodgers, The Carter Family, and Bob Wills. Modern country music artists include the likes of Tim McGraw, Randy Travis, and Blake Shelton.


Also called Hip Hop music, rap originated in New York in the 1970s.

Also called Hip-Hop, Rap is a genre of music that originated in New York in the 1970s. The product of parties in the park, the music became popularized in the early 1980s. Original instrumentation of this genre was provided by DJs that would use album breakbeats, and a Master of Ceremonies (MC) would β€œrap” the lyrics. Original acts of this genre included artists like Grandmaster Flash, Curtis Blow, and Run DMC. Modern artists of this genre include the musical stylings of Drake, Jay-Z, and Cardi B.


Pop music fits into the subgenres of rock, country, and R&B.

Short for Popular music, Pop music fits into the subgenres of rock, country, and R&B. Electronic synthesizers and guitars provide the primary backdrop for the instrumentation of this genre. Some early acts of pop include the likes of Michael Jackson, Tommy Tutone, and Madonna. Modern artists include the likes of Ed Sheeran, Jonas Brothers, and Ariana Grande.


Regardless of the preference of your event attendees, you will need to have the right musical genre to keep the party going. You can opt to have a live band perform, or you can seek the services of a DJ to play the favorite genre of your group. Either way, the above-listed genres gives you an excellent variety to choose from.

– Staff