Covid’s Cupid Affect

Credit: DHS

The world is at war with an invisible enemy. COVID-19. Well, at least that’s the picture scetched by media and scorched into our psyche.

I don’t know if war is the proper term, but we – collectively – are literally fighting for our lives every time we step outdoors. Or something like that. As kids we marveled at dystopian films and t.v. shows with naive foresight. As we grew into our generation’s young, damp-earred adults, we lost sight of what Hollywood had taught us about the pending, looming, foreboding future. We’ve been so stuck on today that we chose to ignore tomorrow. Well, fuck all that shit, fam.

Welcome to 2020, the year the coronavirus was gifted to us by China and Bill Gates. And even if we wanted to take it back to exchange it for a smaller size, all the stores are closed.

I’m not keeping score, but a lot of people are dying from this illness. An illness that many say China intentionally gave us, yet many others believe America is responsible. If you’ve watched as much news about The ‘Rona as I have, you’ll agree that it no longer really matters.

Arguably more devastating than the actual deaths it causes are the after-effects that are beginning to simmer. If this was a pot of vegetables coming to a boil on the stove, you’d be able see faint wisps of thin mist dissipating into the past from wherever your aunt’s couch or futon is in the other room. And you may have to squint, but not much, because you’ve boiled water before and know how it works, even if you’ve never had this particular type of vegetable before.

[Note: Eat more veggies and drink more water.]

One of the most insidious protective measures forced upon us has been isolation, doing/business/as social distancing. Social distancing has been instituted as a means to, for lack of a better way to put it, keep us away from each other’s spit particles. Its purpose: create distance. Sounds innocent enough, no? Scientists believe after about 6 ft, the virus is unable to find a host. But don’t quote me on that. I don’t even watch the Science Channel. Hell, I don’t remember my final grade in High School science class, even though high school was it 1000 years ago so I shouldn’t be expected to remember such mundane detail. I do remember that we had sex education classes, though, but that conversation is for another day.


Via social distancing, we’ve also been instructed to stay out of the street and indoors unless we need me to procure essential items, for our own safety. And per most governors of most states, essential items include groceries, alcohol, guns, and marijuana. Medicine as well, but that’s a given. This isolation, or quarantine, has bullied family members into spending time with one another. Although it clearly has had a negative impact in some instances, the overall moral to this chapter of the story is that we get an opportunity to reconnect with those we are already connected to. I’ll give you a good example…

Those who follow me on social media know that I spend a great deal of time with my youngest daughter. Over the weekend, her and I began wrestling and playfighting in the same manner that I did with my older children adult kids back in the day. My 6 year old jumped on my back at some point last Friday evening, and we were off to the races. During a snack break it dawned on me that we’ve never had this level of physical intimacy in 6 years even though we probably spend 55 to 60% of our time together. The difference between those older kids and this one is technology. As a family, we couldn’t afford many auxiliary luxuries. We struggled, everyone didn’t have a phone, every room didn’t have cable TV. Now, we’re blessed with such pointless amenities and even if we’re in the same room, on the same couch, we’re at least two to three worlds apart from each other. And this seems to be the current trend of society no matter age, race, religion, creed, or gang affiliation.

I’ve been bodyslamming and piledriving and headlocking this kid for days as a result of these isolations, quarantines, and lockdowns. I’ve also doled out massive amounts of random hugs, kisses, and praise so the original design doesn’t develop any hiccups. I can’t do the same with my teenage son, but I’m trying.

As difficult as it may become in the days ahead, find appreciation for the time that has been foisted upon you and your tribe. It won’t be returned and only a fool wouldn’t at least try to get their money’s worth.

Words by Tony Grands
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